Above image: From left Michèle Volontè, Mario Botta, Loretta Dalpozzo, Giada Marsadri (presenter)

It was an emotional evening in Mendrisio on the 4th of October. At cinema Plaza Mario Botta, co-authors Loretta Dalpozzo and Michèle Volontè talked about the making of the documentary, while Nicola Rezzonico, Director of Cotto Ceramiche, sponsor of the evening and Town’s Mayor Samuele Cavadini talked about Botta’s contribution to Mendrisio and Switzerland. It was the first screening of more than 50 that followed in Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

Mario Botta - The Space Beyond

Above image:  From left Michèle Volontè, Mario Botta, Nicola Rezzonico, Giada Marsadri, Loretta Dalpozzo

Above image:  From left Tommaso Botta, Loretta Dalpozzo, Nicola Rezzonico, Michèle Volontè, Luca Morandini (distributor), Eleonora Botta

Above image: Mendrisio’s Mayor Samuele Cavadini and Presenter Giada Marsadri

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